A Confession

It has been a strange kind of day and a lovely combination of stress headache and pinched nerve in my shoulder have left me quite sedentary today and that always leads to thoughts far deeper than I planned on contemplating . But, here goes:

The very nature of our relationships with the people closest to us is probably something that shouldn’t be over analyzed but I did it anyway. After long deep consideration I have discovered something. I have been married for more than twenty years, which is  a time span greater than the amount of my life I was single. She has been in my life as a friend since I was 15 years old. That amount of time results in us just presuming certain things. I have come to conclude that some of those presumptions are not always completely accurate. So here’s today’s “the things I have learned” and they are very simple. I don’t love my wife. Here is why:

  • Love is selfish but Like is generous.
  • Love says “I cannot live without you” but Like says “I could but I choose to live with you”
  • Love gets tired but Like is always as wired as a 5 Hour Energy washed down with a Monster
  • Love buys you fancy lingerie but Like thinks you look sexy in sweatpants and a t-shirt
  • Love is going out on a Friday night but Like enjoys spending a Tuesday night together
  • Love remembers your very first kiss but Like thinks every kiss feels like that very first one.
  • Love talks of “in sickness and in health” but Like brings you NyQuil and chicken soup when you are ill.
  • Love takes you out to the finest restaurant in town but Like makes you dinner and cleans up the kitchen afterwards.
  • Love treats you like a queen but Like treats you like a partner.
  • Love is amazed by what you have done but Like is impressed by the things you will do.
  • Love applauds your strengths but Like helps you with your weaknesses.
  • Love is forever but Like is timeless.
  • Love says “I’m Sorry” but Like vows to never make the same mistakes again.
  • Love buys you jewelry for Christmas but Like goes and gets you ice cream at eleven o’clock at night.
  • Love consoles you when you are sad but Like cries along with you.
  • Love is roses on Valentines day but Like is a daisy on a random Thursday
  • Love never wants to be alone but Like knows that distance has no bearing on how you feel.
  • Love is a compulsion but Like is a choice.
  • Love says “God bless you” when you sneeze  but Like brings you a tissue.
  • Love is with you constantly but Like gives you the space you need.
  • Love writes you poems but Like tells you jokes.
  • Love takes you out for a night on the town but Like comes and picks you up when you are too drunk to drive home.
  • Love says,” Be my lover” but Like says,”Be my friend”
  • Love believes but Like knows.

I don’t love my wife and I hope she doesn’t love me but we sure are in Like.




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