Cause “thank you” just isn’t enough

They say that there aren’t enough heroes any more. I say that there are plenty even if we don’t always know their  names. Here is my expression of gratitude to the anonymous ones that keep us all safe.

Here’s to the Navy Seal, who in the dark of night, transforms the war on terror from a government policy to a cold stark reality for the enemies of America.

Here’s to the pilot of the C-130, dropping pallets of food into a  famished  nation and reaffirming the notion that the armed forces are not a colonizing force but rather just neighbors helping their fellow-man.

Here’s to the U.S. customs agent,  keeping the drug kingpins from delivering their poison into our country .

Here’s to the state trooper,  getting the drunk driver off the road before he can harm anyone.

Here’s to the beat cop,  keeping the scumbag off our streets.

Here’s to the judge, dispensing mercy to those who deserve it but justice to all who come before him.

Here’s to the fireman and e.m.t. who take the risks that others won’t to help the ones that others just can’t.

Here’s to the crossing guard, making sure the little one’s get home safely.

Here’s to the neighbor, who shows how “it does take a village”.

And as I sit safely in my back yard, contemplating the best way to set that ladder up on the trampoline so I can cut that limb down with this 20 year-old electric chainsaw, here’s to the guy at Home Depot for selling me an extension cord that was too short for me to actually try it.


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